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Bloody Inspiration - Lucifer Stephenson and Others by KeeperGryphonstone
Bloody Inspiration - Lucifer Stephenson and Others
Hello to anyone still remembering this lovely (mostly dead) account!

I've had a rather busy year of college arts since the last time I posted here, but life is life when it comes to academia.

In any case, I felt the need to post something, so I decided to post an edited illustration from a class project over a year ago. The drawing quality is a bit better than my current submissions, so I suppose the 1+ year behind won't phase the presentation.

The composition consists of Lucifer Stephenson (center figure) surrounded by the various supernatural characters and influences that make up his macabre second life. Crypt the nightmare (top figure) acts as his aide/guidance, Serpentine with Joseph Crick (left figures) acts as the traumatic antagonism against him, and the Demonshroud Form (right figure) acts as the corrupting capabilities of the powers he uses to defend himself.

Enjoy the piece, folks!

I'll do my best to remember in updating this dinosaur on a later date.
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  • Listening to: Hammerfall - One of a Kind
  • Reading: This journal :P
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  • Drinking: My saliva :|
So, it's been like what now? Almost a year? I'm probably off by two months, but anywho, how is everyone fairing nowadays?

Eh, I'm doin' all right. I could complain about the mental burden commuting to another state can have, but who seriously wants to read that? Surely, I wouldn't want to. Haha. Well, yeah. I've been a resident of Georgia since mid July, and I completely forgot to mention a hint of that to my watchers. :XD: Can you really blame a guy? Hell, I know it's a fact I never update these damn journals till the last minute. Oh but I manage to at least. So, there's some effort among my endeavors to put it off. =P

I got a subscription over the past four weeks, and it ends tomorrow. A shame I didn't make a journal ahead of then, so I could post this with one of those skins. Heheheh. I know: "Steven! You could do that right now!" But it'll be too late by the time you read this.

Among other things; art's been pretty satisfying. I'm drawing at steady paces, and whenever I take a break away from drawing, I'm still brainstorming new concepts to make next time. There is some worry that I'm not experimenting as usual as I should, since I don't have art classes anyway. Yep. You never realize how much you missed something until it's finally gone. It feels like a kick in the nuts when it's true. I still haven't tried my luck with college, mostly because I left that opportunity behind when my family moved. Also, I never took the SATs back in high school as I shouldv'e, and the college I'm looking closest to the family house requires an average score from them. So... here comes another escapade, with my parents buying out for my education. They're nice enough to do it without question, but I still feel guilty for putting this atop the rest of worries and concerns that they have.

Seriously, moving to a new state is no easy task. We're in a rental right now, and our plans in building our actual home are proving more and more difficult as we climb toward finalizing a construction loan with our builder. Luckily, we've got very talented and kind individuals aiding us with the task, so I'm not at a total loss. It does wear thin on my mom though, and she'll stress out about it when the urge hits her. I'm glad I'm home all the time to help her through it. It's situations like that which proves I still have my usefulness, despite lacking all the qualities you think a soon-to-be twenty year old have.

Heh. Which brings me to a more happy mention. My birthday's in a week! :D November 14th will celebrate the day I came into this world, from my mother's womb. I know it still means I'll need to wait another year to legally drink, but whatever. :B So, if anyone's willing to draw or whatever a gift for me, I'll gleefully accept it with gracious thanks. Now, I'm not asking for them, but I figure I wouldn't be rude and not mention my birthday and have anyone saying "Why didn't you tell me?" Because that just makes me feel like the bad guy. ;P It's just great to know I'll be reaching the ranks of adulthood here soon. Since I started scupting myself into this envision of maturity, I always knew it wouldn't be easy to keep myself from acting immaturely, but I did my best to prove myself responsible and collective of my emotions. Funny, since I'm usually very in-touch with my emotions. But yeah. I'll be a birthday boy here soon. :meow:

I can't say there's anything else, besides my life being pretty tranquil and with small samples of conflicts on the side. Come on, no person's life is perfect. ;) I'm just more fortunate than some. Definitely, and with so many blights in the world other human beings have to survive through, I have no qualms to complain. :P


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I've always enjoyed creating art since I was four years-old, or at whatever I could hold a pencil/crayon/etc. Throughout most of my childhood, cartoons and art went hand-in-hand for me, especially in fourth grade, when I began creating storylines for my characters. Later in my teenagehood, I began creating art by actual techiques taught to me by my highschool art classes. Alongside that, my vision of art vastly changed, and I finally achieved in making it a large portion of my everyday life. My art in general does exemplify more darkly and grotesque imagery, though, the progress through which I create them were greatly influenced throughout my years in advancing as an artist. And hopefully, I will continue to do so, and achieve my dream of becoming a professional within the field. Though, as for now, I just enjoy the simple luxuries in my life and looking at all of the unique artworks that the countless artists here create - famous or not. Art is an amazing world to me, and I want to explore that world and the people who help shape it.

Current Residence: A nightmarish realm from which the sinful plummet to their damnation. Kiddin'. Georgia. :B
Favourite genre of music: Rock, J-Pop, Power Metal, mainly music that catches my attention
Favourite style of art: anime, cartoon, realistic
Operating System: A metal box with nuts and bults in it
Shell of choice: a detailed dragon like shell
Wallpaper of choice: Something demented and dark :3
Skin of choice: my own thank you
Favourite cartoon character: PPG, Soul Taker, KH character DiZ, Cloud Strife, and Bell from Bleedman's comics
Personal Quote: Consider the following options: You either give me some of that pizza, or I take out your spine.

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Hiya <3 Just dropping by your page to say thankyou for watching me :3
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Take care
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